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Alysia Rieg


Alysia was born in Texas to a Navy Veteran and an immigrant mother from Vietnam. She grew up all over the United States because of the classic mobile military lifestyle. Alysia graduated high school in Texas and then went off to college, while there she married a Marine and then moved all over the world returning to Texas once her life as a military wife and mom had concluded.

While stationed in North Carolina, Alysia graduated from Campbell University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She became a real estate broker, while also working on an MBA in Finance from Cameron University. Concurrently she served as the Volunteer Coordinator for Habitat Humanity, drove for Meals on Wheels, and volunteered in the Youth Ministry with her church. Unfortunately, she was unable to finish her degree at that time due to her then husband’s sniper platoon being hit by an improvised explosive device (IED) in Iraq. Everything came to an abrupt halt for Alysia. She stopped working on her graduate degree to care for the severely injured Marines that returned home. She would continue to intimately serve as a Marine Corps wife during war for the next 4 years. She was a key volunteer for the battalion leading the support for the sniper platoon families of Marines through their most grief-stricken time.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a direct result of the traumas of war, would hit her family head-on and sever it. This tragedy dramatically transitioned her life, dropping her into welfare as a single mom and for a short period of homelessness; but Alysia kept persevering. She hustled and worked to keep a roof over her children’s head while obtaining both a personal training certification and a a teaching certification, working in a difficult school district for 7 years by day and a personal trainer by night. During this time of struggle to make ends meet, Alysia would also learn that she was in the pre-cancerous stages of cervical cancer. An aggressive tumor caused Alysia to hemorrhage making surgery inevitable. Surgery landed her at home in bed with 3 months of recovery. During her first week home on bedrest, Alysia decided she would not waste her time in bed and enrolled in an EMT class at the local college. At the end of her 3 months recovery, Alysia had not only healed but graduated at the top of her class. Soon after, Alysia expanded her skills and became a volunteer fire fighter. In the interim as a volunteer fire fighter, she also served as a volunteer with the disaster response organization, Team Rubicon, utilizing the breadth of her skills to work for communities both domestically and internationally. Always looking to grow, she further trained to become a Wildland Fire Fighter eventually working with the Bureau of Land Management as a Wildland Firefighter EMT her very first fire season. During this time Alysia also made time to serve on a Board that empowered youth, she volunteered and served with many other organizations that fought against human trafficking, did outreach for the homeless and hungry, and offered her time with the physically disabled and mentally challenged. Today, Alysia resides in Fort Worth still working as an EMT and wildland firefighter as an independent contractor. Alysia still makes time to give selflessly to her community. Still striving to further her own educational goals, she is finishing a doctorate in Whole Medicine & Healing Nutrition from Kingdom University as well as a second Baccalaureate in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Alysia has a long-proven record of servanthood that includes over 20 years of service to our communities, our country, and third world countries alongside organizations that are in the fight for those who either need a voice or a helping hand. These include military veterans, first responders, homelessness, the fight against human trafficking, suicide and depression, teachers, hunger, support for those with disabilities and special needs, and disaster relief. Alysia has been fighting fearlessly for those who can’t fight for themselves and being the voice for those who need an ambassador for their concerns to be heard. Her character and her word are known to be steadfast and reliable. She is humble yet bold. Alysia knows who she is and whose she is and faithfully knows where she stands; guided upon on a firm foundation with unwavering values.

Alysia sees herself not as a survivor but rather, an overcomer. She is a published Christian author, published international swimsuit model, and Founder & CEO of the The Hour Glass Initiative (a non-profit organization designed to fight against suicide and depression). With an undeniable life record of defending, protecting, and supporting our God given rights and standing for what is right and just. Alysia will stand firmly for our hard-fought freedoms. Alysia will bring bold Texas leadership to Washington that encompasses character, truth, and justice bringing back a moral compass to government that has long been absent. Honor, Courage, and Commitment runs through her Texas blood, and she is ready to fight for the values of our district in the halls of Congress!

Alysia is not a political insider but has undoubtedly proven herself in service of others. Let Alysia fight for you, let her be our voice in Congress. Let us set our true north and choose Alysia Rieg for the U.S. House of Representatives, 12th District of Texas.

Alysia Rieg is the Change and Hope We Deserve.