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Choosing a personal trainer or training program can be scary, confusing, and expensive. Alysia has the education, experience, knowledge and desire to bring your goals to life – on an achievable schedule and on a practical budget. Your success is her success!

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"Normal to Destiny is honored and excited to support and back Alysia in this quest! Our philosophy at NtoD is 'Impact The World By Impacting The One' and we believe Alysia is fulfilling this with her new book! You will be getting more than just a book, you will be impacted in the process! We believe you will then tell others about For Such A Time As This in order to see the ripple effect of God's love impact the masses! We are proud of you Alysia!​!"


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 Feel and look like a new person. 

Alysia's goal is to help you become the person you aspire to be. Fit, healthier, stronger, or more confident, she will guide you through the process. Alysia will listen to your goals and then create a plan to help you to be successful by helping you make decisions, creating options and then encourage, push, guide, and support you on your journey. Alysia's success is dependent on your success. She is in the business of transforming lives from the inside out.

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Alysia's programs bring continuity, function, and technique together to help her clients reach their fitness and life goals. She offers many programs that include one or many of these services:

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